Why am I struggling with running?

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I write this in relation to the new couch to 5k runners that joined Caroline Ford and myself on the first of the series of runs, aimed at getting us off the couch and ready for a 5k run.

Sometimes when we start off getting into exercise, especially after a long sedentary period, it might seem like a really bad idea and it can be hard to remain motivated through the aches n pains.

So why might i be struggling with running?

We all are in a way!

It should get mentally easier as you achieve more goals over time….

You may feel as though the aches and pains don’t last as long, as you begin to learn ways to deal with them.

It could be that you don’t push yourself too hard, as you learn your limits.

There will always be a battle and it will get easier to deal with the more you practice running and exercise. Keeping a diary can help give you vital reference points, a record of progress and give you indications of performance so you know when to push it and importantly when to rest.

Getting involved in a sports or exercise club, means your hopefully gaining knowledge off new friends and old. More importantly, sharing what you learn and keeping the knowledge circle maintained with others, especially those helping lift you up.

Feel free to talk to Caroline and myself about how we have coped with our hurdles and barriers, you don’t have to struggle alone. Look forward to seeing everyone again next monday, keep up the practice and don’t push too hard and most importantly, have fun….its infectious 🙂