Who are you laughing at?

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Who are you laughing at?

Ever been at that stage where you’re a little shy of going out and having a go at some exercise? Avoiding swimming because you’re not beach fit? Conscious that others may see your wobbly bits?

Then you get the goons that point and laugh, really? Let us address these types and why they have something to learn.

For a start they are probably lacking in education, due to not knowing a lot about exercise science.

To get started, let’s look at running. When we run were using the biggest muscles in our body, the tops of the legs. To keep them going, we need to get oxygenated blood to them. If the heart and lungs are not quite ready for an endurance event, they will most likely have to work hard to keep the legs supplied. When we use these leg muscles a lot, the body’s core gets hot and needs cooling. To aid with this, blood is pumped to the skin to be cooled, before going around the core, the process is called thermo-regulation. If the weather is hot, then this can mean our run times may slow down, if you’re overweight or not.

Now if you have fat deposits in the legs, especially around the glutes, we’ve got some extra work to do. A steady jog can mean that you’re pushing mental and physical boundaries, the likes of which the more athletic types may hardly ever encounter. Therefore, one should never feel that your out of place having a run, everyone has their own battles to fight, those with more are much greater for the experience. More learning, more practice, stronger the fight, greater the warrior!