Hiit training

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You may be seeing alot in the media regarding Hiit training, a favourite of Joe Wicks and plays a large part in his books, after healthy ¬†eating of course. I’m sure there is a TV programme coming soon where he is likely to go over his strategies for losing weight, but more importantly changing your body shape to one your happy with.¬†http://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/active/i-want-to-be-the-voice-that-gets-the-nation-healthy-joe-wicks-on/

If your not sure on the science behind how Hiit training works, which means High Intensity Interval Training, I’d suggest you have a look at the following short film

The full programme can be found if you look for it, but it gives a taste as to how Hiit training can benefit our overall health. Sometimes and for the right reasons the Hiit training method can be great! I enjoy using as it fits in around a busy day, around 15 minutes is all you need for quite a long Hiit session. You could get one done in 5 if you wish, but may not see the benefits you want to see as quickly as you want.

We’re currently utilizing alot of Hiit training into sessions now, usually a 10 minute steady cycle, followed by a warm up routine then go into the Hiit session. Half hour sessions containt just one 15 minute circuit, a full hour would contain maybe 2. We can tailor them for overall body sessions, upper body, back and abs and legs, always much better fun in a group but can be done one to one. What you waiting for? get in touch and have a look at the new show, let us know what you think.