Everyday a school day

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Quite by accident I was standing at the back of a physical training session, with some education on different training methods at the weekend. One of them was squatts, how to tell if they are being done right and how to improve on form to get the most out of them. Its not everyday that something comes along that gets the old grey matter stimulated but this all made sense and I’ve incorporated it into my own training as well as using it in the gym with clients from this week. By using jumps, stretches and we can improve on the flexibility needed to get a really good squatt, which should be in most training sessions.

We also looked at lactate threshold training and how it has many benefits. The method was very similar to Hiit and interval training. Using a rower or bike, maximum effort was given for 30 seconds then 30 seconds rest, with a repeat of 6 times. It was emotional to watch, nevermind do! Already doing this in some of the sessions but for those that need it, we can soon help push a little bit further to get maximum gains from these sessions.