Barriers – Time and space

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You might have seen the changes in the Facebook pages, more regular updates on matters in the health and exercise world. One topic she looked at was barriers, some people might call them excuses. One of the more common barriers is time.  A lot of people have to work long hours, maybe 2 or more jobs, have kids, loans, massive mortgages and other commitments. Then you become tired, you deserve a break, get sat down and it’s difficult to get back up again. We always know when we need a break and it might be fair to say, when we need a break, we can find time. It might be fair to say we find it easier to find time for a break than finding time for exercise. To get the balance right, can take a lot of discipline and practice and is a constant learning curve.

A few points worth considering

As we do the same thing, over and over again, we get used to it. Take a job that involves physical lifting as an example – Initially we may find a new job difficult, our body will start to adapt and then if the physical aspects of the job stay the same, so do the bodily changes. I’ve done some jobs where I was lifting 20kg sacks of potatoes onto a pallet all day, I started off hurting like hell. For around 3 to 4 weeks it was difficult, with the first few days being the worst. After a month or so, few adaptations occurred, as I was simple doing the same thing again and again, the body adapted to what was being asked of it.

Another job I had was a paper boy, the longest round too! To get a few quid more, I’d do 2 rounds if it wasn’t a school day. Started off being the worst thing ever, what a cruel life, despised the shop owner and people that ordered papers! After a few weeks, I got used to it and started to enjoy the scenery, spoke to customers and enjoyed the early morning chats with the shop owner. I also started to become a better cross country runner at school.

Although these examples don’t apply for everyone, there are always ways to get some exercise and I’d happily take the challenge of finding people time, if they wish to argue.

A security guard, works with dogs, says he has no time to train. Ok, long hours, very rarely has time to commit to booking a gym session, how can he exercise? Does the dog get any exercise? Of course, he’s walked every day. Just walked? If I was a dog, I’d like to chase a stick, a short run is fun. So why not run with the dog? Just a 5 to 10 second run, followed by a walk. Do this around 3 to 5 times a day and you’d be surprised how much change you can gain from this. Research has shown this can help considerably with breaking down sugars and carbs, bonus for the overweight and or people with diabetes.

An office worker, catches a train, rides for an hour, walks to the office and then sits down for 8 hours before doing it all over again to get home. Get a laptop suitable rucksack, again, have a steady job to work or even jog for 5 to 10, followed by a walk, repeat around 3 to 5 times. Going to make a significant difference for the better! On the train, do ankle rotations, calve raises, if you have the room, and do some tricep dips. At the office, bicep curls with reams of paper when your taking breaks from the monitor. Take in a resistance band and do some stretches and exercises with that.

Working in a café, ever get tight legs? Try doing a squat or lunge very now and then, you might look weird if you start doing them in a crowded seating area. Bob and Mildred are waiting for their croissants and coffee and you’re on your way, bobbing up and down, lunging as you go…..time and a place. However, this could be a fun way of dining out, want discount? Do 10 squats, 10 press ups and a 60 second plank to earn the reward.

To make a final point, imagine you’re a soldier, posted to some remote dessert location and you have just a very small space to stay in. Go outside of that space and it’s very dangerous. A submarine operator, again in a confined space, how do they do it? If fitness levels fall, these guys become less efficient at looking after themselves and those around them. These guys also, may have to be ready to fight at a moment’s notice. They have to make time, I’ve seen images of guys using some very resourceful methods of lifting weights, running with weighted vests, inspirational stuff. I’m not saying we should all be like soldiers, what I’m saying is there is always a way to make better use of your time to grab a little bit of exercise. A little really can go a long way.