22 press ups a day for 22 days for PTSD

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If you’ve been following my facebook page and the ADFitness facebook page, you might have caught us taking part in the 22 press up challenge. Details of how to take part are on the http://www.combatstress.org.uk/ site. Basically you can either get nominated or chose to just go for it, every day do 22 press ups and film it and post to facebook. You add the details of what the challenge is about and give a method for people to donate, which is usually the text method. Finding people to nominate has been a challenge itself! I think only one of the people I have nominated is still going that has started. Its a time commitment, you need to be immune to being too camera shy (one of my barriers) and ideally make it fun, so people will watch. I tried a few different locations, different scenarios and I did start to get into it more than I thought. I’ve been pleasantly suprised by the amount of females that are taking part in the UK compared to the US, not sure if anyone else is seeing this? I’m sure many have found fault in my form on the press ups, ok I admit they could be better, but I gave it a go. It is only right that anyone that cannot do them should be able to do them from the knees or do ‘Lady’ press ups as a friend called them. Why not? Why should people care what others think, if it means they are doing some exercise, getting out, having fun, raising a few quid for a good charity, then that is just excellent. If you are worried about form then have a look at the video at the end of this blog entry, to give you a good idea, and if your struggling, do an easier form of press up, I dare you! Do it, its fun!

Many thanks to all those that watched, liked and left comments of encouragement and support, it certainly helped us along. Thanks also to all those that donated and helped raise awareness. Also thanks to all those that are in the field of helping with PTSD, from research to care, your the best! Finally, best wishes to all those having to deal with PTSD, not just the soldiers but anyone else having to deal with it. I’m hoping that funds raised will help finding you the help and support you need, all the very best to you!